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Update: Re Current Bubble Closure

Dear Parents,

Unfortunately, we have been informed of a second positive Covid-19 case within the same bubble. 

Unless someone in your household returns a positive Covid-19 test, the date for the end of the bubble isolation (not leaving the house) will still be the 27th June 2021 as stated in the letter to parents on Monday 21st June 2021.

If someone in your household tests positive for Covid-19 this will result in an extension to your period of isolation. The school will advise of any new dates for isolation for each individual case. 

Please be extra vigilant for any Covid-19 symptoms in your household.


If anyone displays any symptoms please DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL and INFORM SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY.


DO NOT SEND SIBLINGS TO SCHOOL if anyone in the household displays any Covid-19 symptoms. You will also need to book a Covid-19 PCR test for members of your household. This can be done on the link below:

Find below a link to the NHS website of Symptoms for Covid-19:

Covid-19 Symptoms


Thank you for your cooperation,

Deykin Avenue Junior & Infant School

22nd June 2021