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Rule of 6 & Childcare Arrangments

Monday 14th September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you for your support since children returned to school on the 3rd September. It has been very challenging considering all of the changes that have taken place. However, thank you for your efforts to bring your children to school on time, and collecting them on time. It is very much appreciated.


This is a reminder of the new changes that start in England today, as well as the Birmingham restrictions which start tomorrow. There are a very small number of families who, due to transporting older children to secondary schools, have arranged with us to have a friend or family member bring/collect children to and from Deykin Avenue School. Unfortunately, due to the new restrictions, we WILL NOT be able to allow children to go home with someone other than their parent. This is because households in Birmingham CANNOT mix with other households for at least two weeks unless they are in a support bubble. As we do not know who these support bubbles are made up of, we cannot let children go home with friends, neighbours or family members outside of the household. If this causes you serious concerns regarding bringing your children to school, or taking them home, please contact myself as soon as possible.


Please read below the key points of the new restrictions. If anyone is found to break them, the police can issues fines so please take care to follow them appropriately.


The Rule of 6

for full guidance.

From Monday 14th September in England, it will be against the law to meet people you do not live within a group larger than 6. This applies indoors and outdoors. The 6 people include babies and children.

  • If your household has more than 6 people living in it, this is okay.
  • If you are in a support bubble with another household (one household only has 1 adult living in it, eg, a single parent and children under 18 years old, or a single adult living alone) and there are more than 6 of you, this is okay.
  • You can only have one other household in a support bubble. Eg, if you have 1 grandparent who lives alone, and a different grandparent who lives alone, you must choose which one will be in your support bubble. You cannot swap between them.
  • Schools, workplaces, shops etc CAN have more than 6 people in them as long as they are Covid secure, eg, social distancing in place, etc.


Birmingham Restrictions

From Tuesday 15th September, Birmingham residents are not allowed to visit other households, unless you are in a support bubble as explained on the previous page. This means that children CANNOT play with their relatives or friends who live in a different household. People are NOT allowed to meet in gardens either. Family friends and relatives CANNOT support with childcare, although registered childminders can.


We understand how difficult this will be for many families. However, if we are to contain the spread of Coronavirus, it is vital that we follow the rules. Police do have the powers to fine anybody breaking them.


If you will have difficulty bringing your children to school, or collecting them at home time, please tell me and I will see what we can do to help you.


Thank you.


Yours faithfully


Mrs Sharon Brewer

Deputy Head Teacher