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Jubilee Party

Dear Families

On Friday 27th May, we are going to have a Jubilee Party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign as monarch. We would like everyone to wear something red, white and blue to reflect the colours in our national flag. There will be no charge for this.


At 9:00am, I will lead an assembly looking at the life of Queen Elizabeth II. You are more than welcome to join us during this assembly.


At 12:00pm, staff will set up tables in the big playground (assuming it is dry!) so that all the children can eat together and celebrate. School is paying for every child’s meal on Friday 27th May.


We will all sing our national anthem, God Save The Queen, and have some other music playing as well. Mr Holmes, our Year 4 flute teacher from the Music Service, is hoping to be able to join us and play some music for us too.


We would like to invite you to our lunchtime celebrations in the playground where you can join your children. You may wish to bring some food to eat yourselves and take part in some singing and dancing!


If you would like to join us, the gates will open at 12:15pm and you will be able to stay until 1:00pm as this is when staff will begin bringing children back into school ready for their afternoon lessons. Please, do not go into school – stay outside – and do not take your children home with you at 1:00pm. We must make sure the children all stay together in the playground.


Staff will guard the playground gate and the doors to school at all times to ensure the safety of everyone. Please, do not ask them if you can go in and use the toilet as they will say no. I am sure you understand the reasons for this.


We are hoping that you can join us!


Yours faithfully


Mrs Sharon Brewer

Deputy Head Teacher