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Year 5

Academic Year 2021/22

Today, we looked at parachutes and how their design determines whether they land properly or not.


We spent our Science lesson designing, making and testing the parachute. Some were very successful.

Science - Forces: gravity, friction, air resistance and water resistance.

Academic Year 2020/21

Outdoor Activities

28th April 2021 - Dance Workshop

Various Topic and Classwork

Autumn Term 2019


This term Year 5 have been building on their coding knowledge and working on new coding skills to complete a series of tasks. The first task is to complete the missing code which will enable them to park the red car in an empty parking space.

Autumn Term 2019


On Friday 18th October Year 5 visited Cadbury World in Bournville, Birmingham as part of their topic. Find below a series of photographs from their visit:

Year 5 Trip to Cadbury World - 18/10/19

Spring Term 2018/2019

As part of their topic work Year 5 have been creating cars from the 1900s. Here are a selection of the vehicles that were made by the children.


Spring Term 2018/19


Year 5 this term have been studying natural disasters, and as part of this topic they have been building their own volcanoes. Once completed these volcanoes will be erupted to show how they work.