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Year 3

Academic Year 2020/21


28th April 2021 - African dance workshop

Art - William Morris

Science - Light

English - I can create my own potion chant

Spring Term 2018/19


In science Year 3 have been looking at animals, including humans. We have looked at nutrition and what types of food animals and humans need to have a healthy diet.


We also looked at the quantities of sugar that can be found in everyday food types. As you can see the answer is quite shocking.



Autumn Term - 2018/19


September 2018


The Year 3 children have been using to learn about Coding. They have been learning code using a Minecraft based coding game as part of the "Hour of Code". The game is made up of 15 stages that increase in difficulty as they progress. 


During the coding activities the children have learned to move their sprites, give coding instructions, debug incorrect instructions, work with algorithms and complete tasks.