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Year 3 - 2020-21

Hello everyone!

Just a quick message from the new Year 3 team - Mr Downes and Mrs Kerr.

We cannot wait to see you all in September for the start of a new year! In Year 3, we have really exciting topics: Space, The Tudors, Africa, Saving the Planet and The Victorians. When we can, we will go on trips to make our learning even more enjoyable and have lots of experiences to help us remember what we have learnt.

Mrs Kerr and I like to have fun, so we will make sure that our lessons are exciting! You will love learning new skills and expanding your minds. Year 3 is the very first year group of Key Stage 2, so we need to see behaviour and attitudes that are a little more grown up. This also means we can do more things and have new experiences.

We promise to make your time in Year 3 as wonderful as it can be! We know that everyone is capable of achieving brilliant things so we will be here to help, encourage and support you at all times so you can shine!

See you soon!

Mr Downes and Mrs Kerr.

Year 3 Classroom - September 2020