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Open and Honest Communication

Open and Honest Communication


The name of our Inclusion Manager is Mrs Vanessa Gay. She is available by appointment Wednesday to Friday. Mrs Gay can be contacted on or 0121 464 4460. The Inclusion Manager is a teacher who is responsible for supporting members of staff, parents and pupils in meeting the additional needs of all children. They have received specialised training in co-ordinating SEN across the school.

The Inclusion Manager is available to share the progress of your child at parents evenings, drop-in sessions, Individual Teaching Plan (ITP) reviews, or by appointment. If you have a worry or concern about your child’s learning, then the Inclusion Manager will be happy to talk to you. Please contact Mrs Gay to arrange a meeting or, if she is not available, you can leave a message with the school office and she will get back to you.

You will be invited to attend regular meetings to review the progress of your child. At these meetings we will develop targets together and information will be presented clearly. If you have a concern about your child at times other than these reviews you can arrange a meeting to speak to the Inclusion Manager.

We will share information with key staff when your child moves to the next phase of their education or a change of school at any other time e.g. Nursery to Reception, Reception to Key Stage One, Key Stage One to Key Stage 2, moving on to the next class or from Y6 to their next school. The Inclusion Manager works closely with external support agencies to support the needs of your child, these are: Educational Psychologist, Communication and Autism Team, Pupil School Support, Forward Thinking Birmingham (Mental Health), Speech and Language Team, School Nurse, etc.

Our governor responsible for SEN is: Mrs Val Bull


The school will make sure all relevant staff are aware of your child’s needs. The class teacher will support your child’s needs with support from the Inclusion Manager where necessary. Individual plans will be shared with relevant staff to ensure your child’s needs are met throughout the school.

Good communication between school and home where parents share any needs, worries and problems with class teachers, means that your child can be well supported.

If we think your child needs extra support, then your child’s teacher or the Inclusion Manager will speak to you. We will discuss concerns and any support will be shared and reviewed with you. If it is felt that your child needs additional support then the Inclusion Manager may contact outside agencies. We will always discuss this with you.

All children receiving extra support will have a plan written for them which will be shared with you.

We will review your child’s progress regularly and make appropriate provision based on individual need.

Your views are important to us, you know your child well so we encourage you to share important information and contribute to meetings. Your child’s views are also important so we will always find time to talk to them about their needs and worries, and to discuss and review their targets. Any reports or assessments provided by outside professionals will be shared with you and if possible opportunities will be available to speak directly with these professionals.

Transition: We know that moving between classes or schools can be unsettling for both parents and children; we try to help with this by holding transition meetings with new class teachers and with new schools where possible.