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Children must attend on time to be given a present mark for the session. Poor punctuality is not acceptable. If your child is late she/he can miss the teacher’s introduction to the lessons and may also feel embarrassed having to enter the classroom late.


Minutes late per day during the school year

Equals to days worth of teaching lost in a year

Equals to days worth of teaching lost in a year

Which means this number of lessons missed

5 Minutes

3.7 days



10 Minutes

7.4 days



15 Minutes

10.0 days



20 Minutes

14.7 days



30 Minutes

22.0 days




Persistent lateness can add up to considerable amounts of learning lost and can be a serious disadvantage to your child.


How we manage our lateness:


We open our doors from 8:45am to enable all children to participate in reading and other activities and be in class ready for the start of the school day. It’s very important to attend school every day; this gives children the best start and prepares him/her for the future.


The school day starts at 8:55am once the bell sounds we expect that all children are in class ready for registration and lessons to begin. If a child enters the classroom after this time they will be deemed as late, receiving a late mark.


The school register closes at 9:10am in accordance to the regulations, if your child arrives after this they will be given a mark that shows they are in the building but this will NOT count as a present mark and will mean they have an unauthorised absence.


If your child arrives late, parents must report to the school office to sign they child in and give a reason for they lateness, you should not be sending your child in on their own if they are late. It is not fair on the children to explain why they are late. It is parents/carer’s responsibility to get them to school on time.


We do recognise that there may be a rare occasion when your child is late due to unforeseen circumstances.


Persistent lateness:


When a child/ren have been identified as having persistent lateness, we will inform parents/carers of our concerns. In the first instance by an informal chat with the Attendance Officer and or a letter. We will then monitor lateness, expecting to see an improvement.


If this continues to cause concern we will then request a formal meeting with the Attendance Officer and or the Headteacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The purpose of the meeting will to address and resolve issues that are impacting on the child/ren’s lateness.


Lateness due to oversleeping, traffic etc is not acceptable. Good sleep routines and early morning traffic is unfortunately something you must take into account.Please be aware that parents/carers can approach us at any time if they are having problems getting their child/ren into school on time. However as a parent it is your legal responsibility to ensure your child gets to school on time.