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British Values



We are very proud of the diversity of our children and staff at Deykin Avenue. We come from a range of different cultures, backgrounds and religions. We value the importance of treating everyone equally and with respect. The children are provided with lots of opportunities to discuss what bullying and discrimination means and why they are both wrong.

Our short term aim is for our children to enjoy coming to school and wanting to learn. Our long term aim is that they will grow and develop into proud British citizens, who do not judge other people based on their ethnicity, religion, sexuality or disability. Below are a few different ways in which we help them to do this.



Every Friday Morning, parents are invited to attend Merit Assembly to celebrate their children’s achievements. Children are encouraged to share their interests and successes out of school with the school community. For example, children have asked the Head Teacher if the school could raise money for their chosen charities. Once the school has helped with the fundraising, the children then bring a copy of their thank you letters from the charity which are then displayed on our Charities board.

Once a term, we hold a Star of the Term assembly. This celebrates children’s academic, social and behavioural achievements.

Once a month, we celebrate children’s achievements in promoting the British Values during Merit Assembly. Children who have demonstrated our ‘Value of the Month’ are rewarded with a certificate.


British Values

At Deykin Avenue, we believe it is essential that all children are taught the British Values in line with the Government’s requirements. This is implemented across the curriculum and emphasises the importance of equality for all and mutual respect.


What are the British Values and how do we implement them at Deykin Avenue?

Respect for democracy

  • Class rules are set by the children
  • School Council
  • Notice boards for children to respond to school issues, eg, their requests for our new library and new website.
  • Opportunities within lessons to allow for discussions
  • Judging competitions, eg, School Council vote for the best decorated class at Christmas, Easter Egg competitions, etc
  • Children have requested after school clubs which have since been implemented, eg, Cooking Club
  • Opportunities for groups to select their guided reading books during lessons – majority vote wins.


Respect for the rule of law

  • Understand the reasons why we have school/class rules and linking these to the outside world.
  • Links with the police community.
  • Literacy links, eg, why a certain character’s actions in a story were wrong.
  • Peer mediators.
  • Children made aware of the judicial system and legal responsibilities through a police visit to Year 6.
  • Regular discussions about the legality of issues in the UK, eg, theft, racism, homophobia, etc


Support and respect for the liberties of all within the law

  • Self-esteem club for identified children across the school.
  • Different types of families, eg, mum and dad, single parent, foster parents, extended families, step families, same sex parents, etc
  • Challenging stereotypes, eg, girls don’t understand football, boys can’t be nurses, etc
  • Anti-bullying assemblies/workshops/lessons etc including cyber bullying.
  • Implementation of the CHIPS programme.
  • A variety of story books to reflect the different types of families that exist in Britain today.


Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

  • Story books to reflect different families.
  • Cultural week, eg, Black History.
  • Different faiths discussed and compared through RE lessons.
  • Different religious celebrations, eg, Christmas, Easter, Eid, Diwali, etc through parties, assemblies, lessons, etc
  • Links to Aston Parish Churches who deliver Christmas and Easter assemblies.
  • Teaching children not to judge people.
  • Dot Com programme for PSHE lessons across the school.