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Attendance Incentives

Attendance Incentives

Attendance cup awarded each week to the class with the highest attendance.

  • Each term Attendance Certificates presented to children with gold, silver and bronze percentage attendance and their names are published on the schools newsletter.
  • Children who achieve 100% attendance for the whole school year will receive a special reward.
  • Each week the attendance and punctuality for each class is published in the school newsletter.
  • The class with the highest attendance at the end of the school year will receive a special reward.
  • Children are presented with certificates for improving punctuality and attendance.
  • Classes are presented with whole class punctuality and attendance certificates.
  • Daily attendance and punctuality numbers are displayed in each class raising awareness of attendance on a daily basis this also shows the previous week’s overall attendance/punctuality and the present week’s overall attendance/punctuality.
  • Each week the class with the best attendance will be given a £5 voucher. The class with no late arrives will receive a £2 voucher.
  • The school sends out an attendance newsletter each term keeping parents and children fully up to date of any issues/ concerns and changes etc.
  • School attendance notice board and playground attendance boards.
  • Letters sent home for good and improving attendance and punctuality.
  • Sticker Charts.


Please see the school’s attendance policy below for further information.