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About Attendance

About Attendance

The government has set a national average of 96% attendance for children.

Therefore any child whose attendance falls below 96% will be closely monitored and further action considered. The school will raise issues around attendance with parents/carer’s and seek further action to be taken if it is felt that attendance is given a low priority.


Children’s attendance and reasons for absence is closely monitored. If after analysing individual pupil’s attendance a pattern of absence which causes concern is identified the school will raise this with parents and hopefully work with them to resolve any issues.

The school has a clear approach and procedures in place to identify attendance concerns and interventions in place to support parents/carer’s and children.

In cases where the school has attempted to address issues with parents/carers, and if no improvement has been made or actions met we will look at either identifying further support and/or taking action through legal interventions such as Spotlight. The school may also feel that a referral to the school nurse may be appropriate (This will be discussed with you prior to the referral being made).

Persistent absence (PA):

The Department for Education states that pupils who have attendance of 90% or below are identified as being persistently absent.


Pupils with 90% or less attendance will have an action plan put into place to hopefully resolve any underlying issues/reasons. The school will use a pre-assessment tool to help identify any areas of need/concern. If there are any identified needs to be addressed, we will discuss this with parents and will seek consent from parents if we wish to share this information with any other agencies.


In cases where attendance continues to cause concern, school will address this with parents and will look at taking legal action (Spotlight) against parents where necessary.