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A Partnership Approach

A Partnership Approach


At our school we will work with you to identify your child’s needs through regular discussions, and put in place support that suits your child and family .e.g. Parent partnership, family support, early parent workshops, learning mentor / family liaison, Individual plans.

To give your child the best possible education, we currently employ the services of a range of specialist professionals, such as:

Educational Psychology, Pupil and School Support, Speech and Language Therapist, School Nurse,  Communication & Autism Team,

We will always inform you and seek your permission for the involvement of these professionals. We will always explain the purpose of involving other people and share feedback with you.

At our school we will involve you in decisions and listen to your views about the education of your child. You can expect to be consulted regularly about your child’s targets and progress, and in addition to this you may be asked to attend other meetings if this is felt necessary by school or by you as parents/ carers.

You can expect to be involved in the educational development of your child through; parents evenings, workshops and class and school assemblies. Our school has an open door policy and this means that you are always welcome to make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher or the Inclusion Manager. We also put information on our website, e.g. curriculum maps and general information relating to the class.

School will try to involve your child in decisions about their learning through: pupil views, school council meetings, and child friendly targets on Individual Teaching Plans or Behavioural Plans.

Some children and families may need extra support from specialist services which we work closely with, such as: Communication and Autism Team, Pupil School Support, Educational Psychologist or School Nurse.

Please contact the Inclusion Manager for further information and contact details.