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9. Working with external experts

9. Working with external experts

9.1. External experts may be invited to assist from time-to-time with the delivery of the programme and will be expected to comply with the provisions of this policy.

9.2. The school will ensure all visitor credentials are checked before they are able to participate in delivery of the curriculum, in line with the Visitor Policy.

9.3. The school will ensure that the teaching delivered by the external expert fits with the planned curriculum and this policy.

9.4. Before delivering the session, the school will discuss the details of the expert’s lesson plan and ensure that the content is age-appropriate and accessible for the pupils.


9.5. The school will also ask to see the materials the expert intends to use, as well as a copy of the lesson plan, to ensure it meets all pupils’ needs, including those with SEND.


9.6. The school will agree with the expert the procedures for confidentiality, ensuring that the expert understands how safeguarding reports should be dealt with in line with the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.


9.7. The intended use of external experts is to enhance the curriculum delivered by teachers, rather than as a replacement for teachers.