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4. Consultation with parents

​​​​​​4. Consultation with parents

4.1. The school understands the important role parents play in enhancing their children’s understanding of relationships and health. Similarly, we also understand how important parents’ views are in shaping the curriculum.

4.2. The school works closely with parents by establishing open communication – all parents are consulted in the development and delivery of the curriculum, as outlined in section 3 of this policy.

4.3. Parents are provided with the following information:


  • The content of the relationships and health curriculum
  • The delivery of the relationships and health curriculum, including what is taught in each year group
  • The legalities surrounding withdrawing their child from the sex education in Year 6
  • The resources that will be used to support the curriculum


4.4. The school aims to build positive relationships with parents by inviting them into school (Covid-19 restrictions permitting) to discuss what will be taught, address any concerns and help parents in managing conversations with their children on the issues covered by the curriculum.

4.5. Parents are consulted in the review of the curriculum and this policy, and are encouraged to provide their views at any time.