Deykin Avenue Staff



Mrs. J. Edwards

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs. S. Brewer

Inclusion Manager

Mrs. V. Gay

Literacy Co-ordinator

Ms. P. Gayle




Teacher:- Miss. A. Rudd

Teaching Assistant:- Miss. D. Maguire

Teaching Assistant:- Mrs. F. Latif


Year 1

Teacher:- Mrs. C. Lambert

Teaching Assistant:- Mrs. U. Sajdah


Year 2

Teacher:- Miss. A. Khuttan

Teacher:- Mr. C. Downes

Teaching Assistant:- Mrs. J. Whitehouse


Year 3

Teacher:- Miss. L. Smith

Teaching Assistant:- Miss. B. Lowe

Year 4

Teacher:- Ms. P. Gayle

Teacher:- Mr. S. Powell

Teaching Assistant:- Mrs. Y. Kerr


Year 5

Teacher:- Miss. R. Saleem

Teaching Assistant:- Mrs. C. Hennessy


Year 6

Teacher:- Miss. S. Bullock

Teaching Assistant:- Mrs. J. Bourne



Part time Teacher:- Mrs. L. Jones

Bilingual Assistant & EAL Support:- Mrs. F. Latif

Pupil and Parent Support:- Mrs. A. Baxter

Learning Mentor:- Mr. F. Storrod

Office Manager:- Miss. S. Kazi

Clerical Assistant:- Ms. R. Rafi

ICT Network Manager:- Mr. D. Morgan

Buildings Site Supervisor:- Mrs. J. Barker

Buildings Site Manager:- Mr. M. Sadhir

Senior Dinnertime Supervisor:- Mrs. I. Giles

Dinner Supervisors:-

Mrs. R. Begum

Mr. D. Gordon

Ms. S. Khatri

Ms. S. Moore

Mrs. U. Parveen

Ms. S. Kauser

Mrs. S. Richards

Mrs. N. Parveen

Mrs. S. Akhtar

Mrs. S. Sohbat

Miss. K. Williams



Chair of Governors:- Mr. J. Moore


Co-opted Governor:- Mrs. P. Whyte

Teacher Governor:- Mrs. V. Gay

Teacher Governor:- Mr. C. Downes

LEA Governor:- Mrs. P. Holder

Parent Governor:- Mrs. Z. Davis

Parent Governor:- Mrs. N. Bi


Headteacher:- Mrs. J. Edwards


Clerk to the Governors:- Ms. S. Griffiths

Community Governor:- Mr. J. Moore